Friday, May 21, 2010

Custom Business Cards: Leave a Lasting Impression

Here are some custom business cards I recently made for Petal Patch Baby.  They are laser printed on 80lb KRAFT cardstock and handcut.  This customer was going for a "vintagey" feel and I just love how they turned out!  I will be adding Custom Business Cards on KRAFT to my Etsy shop today.

I do love paper, but I must admit I do seem to have a love affair with anything KRAFT.  In fact, it is the main focus of my Etsy shop.  There is just something about the color and texture of this paper that really draws me.  And, it is recycled too!  Looking for a creative way to leave a lasting impression of your own?  These blank business card sized cards are the perfect start to leaving a first {and lasting} impression on your customers.  Stamp on them, print on them, paint on them, collage on them . . . whatever! 

What will you do with these cards?  I would love to see your creative ideas.


  1. It's not exactly a creative idea, but I would cut them length-wise and punch a hole in the end for hang tags for my glass pieces.

  2. I am glad that no phone number is printed on the card unless it would be an 800 number for the business

  3. Its designed simply that's way its looking so gorgeous i like it....
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